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Client Login

Client Login

Online access for clients

Building your new home is an exciting and important endeavour, and Portrait Custom Homes wants the process to be as smooth and enjoyable as possible. That is why we provide each of our clients with access to a secure website with all of the details of their new home.

Whether you are at home, at work, on the road, or on vacation, Portrait Custom Homes puts information at your fingertips about your selections, upgrades, financial decisions, questions, documents, photos, and more.

Look at the examples below to see just a few of the ways our online client access keeps you in touch and well-informed during the construction of your new home.

Selections and approvals made easy…

Selection Sheet
Review what selection choices you have made and see what decisions are coming up next.

Electronic Approvals
Review what selection choices you have made and see what decisions are coming up next.

Up-to-date Financial Total
Check a running total, in real-time, of the financial decisions you have made on your new home.

…and simple communication for everyone

In addition, all of your other communications are kept organised in one place:

  • Questions & Answers
  • Comments
  • Photos
  • Documents
  • Project
  • Milestones

Selection Sheet

See choices and stay on schedule
The site organises selection items on a single colour-coded list, displayed with all of the pertinent allowance, pricing, and other helpful information. Upcoming selections are automatically flagged to help keep you on schedule. With just a few clicks, you can enter your choices.

Expenses & Variations

Eliminate “sticker shock”
Every decision made on the selection sheet is automatically reflected on the expenses page. With a single click, you can see how each of your choices have affected the final price of your home. If you need to approve a variation, you can do it electronically, saving you the time and hassle of faxing or mailing signatures to your builder.


Understand the next steps
Building a home is an involved process, so the site will show you a list of major milestones on your project. You can check the progress made so far and see what steps are coming up next.

Questions List

Never lose answers to your questions
Over the course of a project, you will have lots of questions, and this site will help you keep all of those questions, and your builder’s answers, organised and in one place. Simply enter your questions here, and your builder’s responses will be listed right next to them.

Builder’s To-Do List

See items as they happen
Your builder may choose to post some to-do items on the website. While you cannot add items to this list, viewing it can help give you an idea of how things are moving along on your home.

Comments, Photos, and Files

Stop jumbled e-mails
As your home progresses, you will need to have “conversations” about certain items, like asking for clarification on a selection or providing an update on a warranty request. Rather than using e-mail, you can add comments to many of the items in the site. Comments group these conversations together with the items to which they relate, which keeps information organised and available to everyone, cutting down on misunderstandings. You and your builder can also attach photos and files.

Warranty List

Easily track loose ends
Once your home is complete, you can submit warranty requests online. You can come back to the site to check the status, add comments as necessary, and then verify when they are complete.

E-mail Updates

Let new information come to you
You can access the website at any time, but if there is something updated that you need to see on the site, you will also receive an e-mail each morning letting you know.

The questions list saves all of your questions, and your builder’s answers, in one, easy-to-find place.

The selection sheet shows real-time info and prominently marks upcoming selections to keep everyone on schedule.

The expenses page automatically shows how selection choices and variations affect the final project price.

The warranty list lets you request new items and verify items once they are complete.