Itching for a change in your home? The question is: should you renovate, or should you remodel? Yes, there’s a difference between the two.

The terms renovation and remodelling are often interchanged, but these two are actually quite different. A renovation is usually done to repair or renew existing structures. Meanwhile, remodelling pertains to more extensive changes that usually include changing the building structure.

If you’re switching out your furniture or repainting the walls, you’re doing a renovation. If you’re tearing down walls and changing the layout of the house, then you’re doing a remodel.

Still a bit confused? Then keep reading.

You should renovate if…

#1 – You just want to tweak components to your room

New light fixtures? A different countertop? Switching wallpapers? If you want to upgrade the appearance of your space with minor tweaks, go for a renovation.

#2 – You need a quicker and cheaper room fix

Remodelling usually takes a lot of time to finish as it alters the structure dramatically. Not only that, but remodelling can be labour and material exhaustive which can cost a ton of money. If you’re in need of a quick and cheaper room upgrade, you can opt for a renovation instead.

You need a quicker and cheaper room fix

You need a quicker and cheaper room fix

#3 – You don’t want to secure permits

Depending on where you live, local authorities can flag you for remodelling your home and ask you to secure the necessary building permits. It still varies as per community rules, but most of the time, you can go on with repairs and renovations without the hassle of getting a permit.

#4 – You want a DIY project

If you’re looking for a fun, do it yourself home project, then you should try your hand at renovating your space. A remodelling will require a professional (or several professionals, for that matter) but a renovation is friendlier to your average DIY-er.

You should remodel if:

#1 – You plan to repurpose or combine a room

There are times where your rooms do not reflect your current lifestyle anymore. A house may initially have two bedrooms and one storage unit; but with a growing family, the storage unit may be used as another bedroom. You may also want to take advantage of your high ceiling, so in that case, attics can be built as an additional room for storage. If you want to repurpose a room or space completely, then go for remodelling.

#2 – You want to expand your space

Do you think that your house is too small, and yet you don’t have the budget to move? Why not consider adding a room instead? If you have the extra lot space, you can expand the square footage of your structure through remodelling.

You want to expand your space

You want to expand your space

#3 – You need a remedy for poor home design

Renovations can only change your space up to an extent, and that is where remodelling comes in. If you need to fix a bad home design, you should consider hiring a professional to remodel.

Older houses often fall victim to faulty water or electricity lines and fixing these utilities require more than just renovations. If you plan to occupy a property for a long time and you’re not satisfied with its current layout, remodelling is your best bet.

You need a remedy for poor home design

You need a remedy for poor home design

In summary, the key differences between the two are simple. Renovating involves minor changes that don’t alter the use of a room and the structural aspect of the building. On the other hand, remodelling refers to more major changes that completely transforms the function of a space. A remodelling often costs more and takes more time than a renovation as it involves the help of professionals like architects, engineers, plumbers, and electricians.

Which project is right for you depends on your budget, time, and purpose. If you need professional help concerning your home changes within Perth, call us at (08) 9317 8941 or visit our website for fast free quotes.