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Home Designs In Perth

Home Designs Perth

Home Designs Perth

What type of home would you design if you could choose any layout, style, or build available? Do you dream of a traditional one-storey home or a modern multi-level house fitted with balconies?

What if we told you that your imagination is the limit when it comes to home designs in Perth?

At Portrait Custom Homes, we have a wide range of custom homes designs in our portfolio. Our custom homes are built with client requests and preferences in mind, so you can be sure that your home design in Perth is tailored specifically to you. We make sure that every client is updated each step of the journey.

There are many ways to design a home that stands out from the typical houses on the market. Rob brings this expertise to the table with novel home designs that are unique to his skillset. Contact Portrait Custom Homes for more information on home designs Perth and for renovations, additions, or new builds – (08) 9317 8941.

How to decide if a custom home design is right for you

This is a personal decision for any prospective homeowner. After all, this is the space where you will spend a large portion of your time. You’ll want to make the right choice as you settle down in Perth.

A custom home can be a great idea for a number of reasons. A unique design can reflect your style and personality. It can also better fit your lifestyle preferences. Perhaps you spend a lot of time outdoors and want more decking or overlook space. Or maybe you enjoy a lot of natural light and never think there’s such a thing as too many windows, doors, or skylights. Home designs can give you the chance to have all of these nuances included from the start.

Going custom can also cut down on the time it takes to search for a new home and then renovate it. While there is value in purchasing a fixer upper and making it your own, there will probably always be things you don’t prefer about a house in that situation. With a home design that you have a say in from the start, you can be sure everything is done how you want (and with fewer headaches).

How long does a home design take?

This can depend in some ways on the architect or builder and what their current workload is like. You may also find that there is a bit of back and forth between you and the designer as you finalize plans. Starting with a portfolio of work and making an existing plan fully your own is one way to cut down on this process. It can take from 1-4 months to have plans drawn up in complete detail right down to the blueprints that are needed for permits and approvals.

How much does home design cost?

This will vary starting with who you have draw up the designs. Going with an architect or architectural firm will likely be the most expensive option here. And while they’ll have great ideas and offer structural integrity, they are not always drawn up with practical builds in mind.

Contractors and builders are often able to draw up plans or modify those that they have in their portfolio. They can also work with you to design the details around things like kitchen layout, fixture and lighting placement, and even outdoor spaces. They can do all of this while keeping budget and feasibility in mind.

The cost comes out in the charges for blueprints. Home design plans can cost between $3,000-8,000. However, be sure to check with any builders or contractors you are considering as well. They may include plans or plan modifications at rates that fit your budget and your design goals.

How are home designs developed in Perth?

Every contractor will have their own process. At Portrait Custom Homes, we start with an initial consultation where we try to learn as much about the customer and their preferences as possible. From there, we draft a floor plan to show a geometric outline of what the layout of the house will be like. This also takes into account the dimensions of the doors and walls along with the main architectural pieces and furniture.

It sounds simple, but it takes expertise to get it done correctly. This is because the language of floor plans can be subtle. Experienced designers, builders, and home enthusiasts are regularly surprised by how different a finished home feels from what they imagined.

Turn to Portrait Custom Homes for your home design in Perth

We love collaborating with new clients on what their dream home will look like. Our experts take into account everything from traffic flow and usability to optimized construction that limits material waste (and saves you money). Led by Rob Hyde and over 20 years of experience, Portrait Custom Homes keeps customers engaged, informed, and confident throughout the home design experience.

If you’re daydreaming about what your perfect home could look like, let us help make it a reality. The first step is a chat with our team about your home design ideas. Call us on (08) 9317 8941 or request a site visit today to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Designs in Perth

Can I draw my own house plans?

It doesn’t take much in the way of resources to draw up your own house plans. You can find architectural software programs online, often for free. You can also try to draw your ideas out yourself using drafting tools. While you might do an amazing job, these plans will likely serve as a baseline or inspiration as a builder or architect creates true, to-scale plans that can be used for the actual build.

What is a home designer called?

Home designers are also known as residential architects. These individuals design how homes, apartment complexes, and other places of residence look and function. Home designers can also be part of all stages of the construction process, helping to ensure that a client’s ideas are properly brought to life or collaborating on changes with a builder based on materials, budgets, or other circumstances.

Can I design my own house without an architect?

Technically, yes. In recent years, a spate of computer software programs has made it possible for homeowners to skip the architect altogether and do the design work themselves. However, they have mainly been used to design interiors. An architect is still needed in order to get a fully functional house. You can also turn to a contractor or builder who may be able to help you get started for much less.

Does my custom home design need to be created from scratch?

Not at all. You can scour the internet for inspiration or flip through books with floor plans in them. Then, take them to a home design professional or contractor and look for ways to collaborate to make them your own. Many home builders also have a portfolio of their own custom designs that you can further customize. This can be a great option since the builder is already familiar with those plans and can make recommendations on how changes can impact budget, layout, or functionality.

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Customer Reviews

After months of research we appointed Portrait Custom Homes to build our new family home in Applecross. From the start Rob had a very competitive, open book approach to pricing and an exemplary work ethic in keeping the job on track. Rob’s sound technical knowledge and open communication have made dealing with Portrait Custom Homes a pleasure. We moved into our new home on time and we are extremely proud of the quality and workmanship.

Stuart, Applecross

We engaged Portrait Custom Homes to build our new home in Applecross. Owner, Rob Hyde has been extremely thorough in all aspects of the build, patient with our many changes, nothing has been too much trouble and he has personally supervised the works. We will be moving in soon, and ahead of schedule! We can highly recommend Rob Hyde and his team.

Vanessa, Applecross

We met with and got quotes from a few builders recommended to us by our architect. At our first meeting with Rob Hyde, we immediately felt comfortable working with him – he was thorough, knowledgeable and transparent. We can only say that he has a great team of people, trades and suppliers that he works with. The quality of finish is outstanding and our building experience could not have been better.

D Solomon
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